Recently, we enumerated the attributes we use when qualifying VIEW devices in pursuit of the Effortless Human Interface. Our new partner Vuzix rose to the occasion with the M300.
Heads Up!  A Look at the Vuzix M300
As a VIP partner to Vuzix, we are thrilled to see this vendor's emphasis on real-world, practical use of wearable technology. This unit can handle an honest day's work.

We've been particularly impressed with the M300's unique combination of sturdiness and flexibility. Hinges and swivels allow for positioning of the eyepiece in all directions -- above or below the eye, at various depths and horizontal angles. Glasses, helmets, goggles and naked eyes are all accommodated. Wearers of the M300 should easily find the display position that meets their own needs for safe, comfortable and efficient use.

Once set, the display stays in place -- no need for frequent re-adjustments. This is a cornerstone of keeping hands productive. We would certainly lose efficiency otherwise.

Multiple battery options, including hot-swap and external packs, ensure the M300 isn't the first one to knock off for the day. This complements a technology stack that includes ample memory and the Android 6.0 operating system - everything we need to power our Human Experience Platform.

Rich features like head tracking and integrated GPS open the door to a true Augmented Reality (A/R) experience, while also enabling privacy fencing and asset control.

This equipment will continue to evolve at technology's usual frenetic pace. With the M300, Vuzix and LogistiVIEW advance our mutual commitment to providing human-centric, operationally valuable solutions, today and in the future.