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LogistiVIEW had an exciting CES 2019 demoing to hundreds of people and catching the eye of media and analysts including media giant, TechRepublic. In the article, "CES 2019: How employees can use Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses to optimize their workflow", TechRepublic discusses how LogistiVIEW's Connected Worker Platform adds a whole new element to the smart glasses industry that is geared towards enterprise.
Logistiview featured in techrepublic article
The article below is taken from the TechRepublic website, located here.

At CES 2019, Vuzix Corporation released an updated edition of its Blade smart glasses, which are also now available for deployment on the LogistiVIEW Connected Worker Platform, according to a Friday press release. These glasses immerse users in an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience, helping them make more educated decisions in their daily work operations.

The original Vuzix Blade AR smart glasses premiered at CES 2018, and were marketed as one of the sleeker-looking smart glasses on the market. Vuzix Blade provides a wearable smart display that connects to Android or iOS phones, offering hands-free mobile connectivity and computing to users.
"LogistiVIEW's Connected Worker Platform adds a whole new element to the smart glasses that is geared towards the enterprise."
LogistiVIEW's Connected Worker Platform adds a whole new element to the smart glasses that is geared towards the enterprise. Using the Blade's build-in HD camera, the device gathers data and location information, and then uses the LogistiVIEW cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) engine to provide worker instructions via AR visuals, which are viewed through the Blade's waveguide lenses, according to the release.

"The ability to offer LogistiVIEW's patented computer vision and AR visualizations on the Vuzix Blade will open up our platform to more enterprise users than ever before," said Seth Patin, founder and CEO of LogistiVIEW, in the release. "The combination of LogistiVIEW software and the ergonomics and form factor of the Blade will enable customer-facing workers in retail operations, service, and more to communicate with business systems more naturally and optimize the way work gets done."

Vuzix Blade's upgrade is evidence of further movement towards AR in the business world. The use cases for AR are growing in a multitude of areas, from medical imaging, education, factories, and overall job training. Between previous headsets like the Samsung HMD Odyssey and Facebook's Oculus for Business, the market for wearables is not only continuing, but improving, which is evident in the sleeker design of the Vuzix Blade.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:
  • The latest Vuzix Blade smart glasses are available for deployment on the LogistiVIEW Connected Worker Platform at CES 2019 -Vuzix, 2019
  • The glasses use LogistiVIEW's technology to create a more immersive AR experience to help workers make more informed business decisions - Vuzix, 2019

The original article can be found here.