I recently enjoyed a concert by one of my musical idols, Mr. Robert Cray. The venerable bluesman's voice hasn't wavered since the first time I saw him, some 20 years ago. Watching this artist spellbind the crowd, I was reminded of something that virtuoso musicians all know: it's not just about the notes you play, it's also about the notes you don't.
At the risk of nerding up an awesome musical experience, the show made me think about how that principle applies to one of my other passions, software development. Sometimes software applications suffer from trying to be too many things. Take, for example, some of the recent headlines around social media giants. Who could've predicted that mining intimate personal information while selectively distributing unverifiable content would be a bad combination?

At LogistiVIEW, we are always thinking about where we want to take our platform, and just as importantly, where we don't.

We DO want to integrate with virtually any business system requested by our customers. We DON'T want to build a proprietary integration engine to foist upon our customers' IT departments.

We DO want to create a valuable add-on to common elements of the enterprise application landscape, such as WMS, POS, TMS, ERP and MES. We DON'T want to take over the decision-making logic in those systems. Enterprises may spend years and millions of dollars tailoring these systems to their business requirements. We don't want to undermine that.

We DO want to offer a catalog of "best practice" workflows, pre-configured to enable ergonomic, trainable, job processes. We DON'T want to lock our customers into "our way" or force them to pay for custom software development if they disagree.

We DO want our customers to think of our platform when they are grappling with the business challenges of the day. We DO want them to consider us as the flexible, configurable, innovative tool that they can use to recover lost opportunity costs or gain competitive advantage. We DON'T want them to think they have to re-engage us, at their cost, for every configuration change.

In music, the notes you don't play create a space for your audience to engage, to think, to create with you. At LogistiVIEW, the notes we don't play keep us nimble, flexible and easily adaptive. The notes we don't play enable our customers to meet their own needs without working around our imposed decisions.

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