“Our system can’t do that.”  We hear this all the time from warehouse teams about their legacy systems.   

The fear is that that their existing WMS/WCS system is just too old, outdated, under supported and over modified to work with new technology, like vision and voice picking through Augmented Reality wearables.  Or worse, that the only way to make this work is to make significant changes or even replace the entire system – resulting in operational risk, painful software integration efforts, long timelines to launch, and increased costs that eat away at ROI. 

Here’s the truth: you don’t have to change your system. Your DC can launch LogistiVIEW and get all the benefits of reinvented vision and voice picking without touching your legacy systems. How? With a unique integration approach that filters the language your system De-Risking Wearables Imageunderstands already, and communicates via the same interface you have in place today.  LogistiVIEW translates your data into new and intuitive Augmented Reality, AI, and Computer Vision instructions and processes.  To the front line workers, everything changes – with pick instructions simplified to obvious, instantly-recognizable cues that enhance picking performance.  On the back-end, everything remains the same – without custom coding, or system modifications.  Applying the LogistiVIEW platform, customers are skipping long and expensive software integrations, and are up and running quickly with little to no risk to operations. 

Our CEO gave a talk on this recently, with 3 real-life examples of customers that did this within the past year.  They all transformed their picking process with wearable Augmented Reality smart glasses – without any changes to their back-end infrastructure.  This meant changing everything in their picking operation, without changing anything that could risk their IT systems. 

Watch now to learn how: 

  • No system is too old to work with vision + voice through LogistiVIEW – whether it’s green screen, TelNet, or some other outdated “dinosaur” 
  • You can provide your workers with AR vision and voice picking without system modifications or custom coding – enabling your system to support the latest technologies  
  • An apparel retailer, medical device manufacturer, and dental supplies distributor each used different strategies to rapidly integrate LogistiVIEW  
  • DC’s avoid headaches of long integration, risks of software rework, and ROI eroding costs – some launching in under 90 days 
  • And, how your DC can do all of this too. 

Watch the webinar now.

Questions? Interested in a demo to see LogistiVIEW for yourself? Schedule a demo now.

David Erickson

David Erickson

Supply Chain Software Development Veteran, Efficiency Expert, Ergonomy Fanatic

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